The Nalukai Startup Camp brings together a group of Hawaii's most ambitious and inquisitive students to give them the tools and skills to be entrepreneurial problem solvers and digital storytellers.  



In modern internet speak, a startup is a new company, app or project that is acquiring users, generating revenue or sharing information. It is a techie term for a business, but startups tend to differ from traditional businesses in how they develop their products, bring them to market and attract customers.  A startup can be launched by one person with little more than an internet connection in order to reach millions of people.


Hawaiian culture is strongly rooted in storytelling. As the future brings Hawaii's youth new technologies and platforms that will enable them to reach millions of people, we want to give them the mentorship to put emotion, power and action into the stories they tell.  Story is an everyday pillar in business.  You must tell your company story in a way that your customers feel connected to.  The story of your product must illicit an emotional response from your customers.  The story of your dreams and ambitions is how you convince your partners, employees and investors to join you.


An idea is worth nothing unless it is shared with the world and is put in the hands of people who can use it.  We want to make sure that our inspired kids know how to tactically and practically develop their ideas, package them into products and take those products to market.



Friends You Didn't Know You Have

A common thing we have heard from students who have participated in the camp is how inspiring it is to find a network of like-minded friends.   "I didn't have friends I could talk to about this kind of stuff before Nalukai" is a common sentiment expressed by participants. We grew up in Hawaii too, so we know that even though Hawaii is a vibrant mix of cultures and experiences and you canend up with great friends with all kinds of interests, you might not have a network of friends who are also passionate about entrepreneurship, digital photography, or being a maker.  The students we bring together for camp each year find kindred spirits in the other campers and find that despite being on such an isolated island chain, they are not alone in their ideas and ambitions.

Nalukai in the hills
I want to again thank you all so much for giving me the opportunity to further enhance my technical, design, and ethical work: I have grown so much since then and I’m making great things happen at my school as a role model student and leader.
— Gabriel Navalta - 2016 Alumni
...thank you to everyone! We formed a bond that I didn’t think was possible to be formed in 10 days and I hope it’s a bond that will last forever. I’m so sad/mad that camp had to go by way too fast but I’m glad we got to be the first ones with the sensational experience.
— Leilani Ho'opai - 2016 Alumni
It was super cool, I was in my element and everyone gave such a positive response ... was sort of an epiphany for me, my first real world application to the design process.
— Miranda Canniff - 2016 Alumni

There is no cost to attend camp for the 20 students that are selected.  All learning material, meals, housing and supplies are generously provided by Nalukai donors.  Each selected student will also receive a brand new MacBook Pro with hundreds of dollars in free software and services to help them build their own startup. We want to make sure that our students know that they are limitless in their potential, and that they are similar to many successful founders, entrepreneurs, and creators who utilize the same knowledge and tools that participants will walk away with.

July 21-30, 2018.

Hawaii Preparatory Academy, Big Island of Hawaii

 The Hawaii Preparatory Academy campus is nestled in the Kohala Hills in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. The campus provides world class learning facilities for our campers.

The Hawaii Preparatory Academy campus is nestled in the Kohala Hills in Waimea on the Big Island of Hawaii. The campus provides world class learning facilities for our campers.