Student Profiles

Discover what these dynamic youth gained and also brought to the Nalukai Startup Camp.


Pualilia Kalikoaelakauaike Kai Dudoit '17
Kanu O Ka Aina '19

JAcob Au '17
Hawai'i preparatory academy '18

Christina Martinez Avery Lio-Troth
Stanford online high school


aya chang '16
Kamehameha Kapālama '18
Columbia University '22

Photography has the unique ability to communicate in the way that words can’t. As you experience the world with photography, over time you develop an innate ability to recognize the best way to capture an image.  I’ve started to perceive life in an entirely different way. Small interactions between people have become more apparent–a glance between strangers, a laugh exchanged between a couple. I’ve learned to notice the light reflecting off of the trees at sunset. I’ve finally begun to appreciate the beauty that is our world.


Keona Conroy-Humphrey '16
Lanaʻi High School '18
West Point

I have a deep passion for STEM. Not just with the science, technology, engineering and math aspects, but with everything it touches. Programming, digital media, photography, videography, journalism, and leadership. The many concepts it covered allowed me to discover my passion, engineering, and fueled my fascination even more. With STEM also came leadership opportunities that helped shaped me as a leader. Leadership is something that help me with my engineering work and vice versa.


Noah Williams '16
Punahou '17
University of Southern California '21

I’ve always been the type to figure out how to solve problems while working towards a larger goal. A lot of times the end goal seems far off and grandiose, but I really love navigating the steps it takes, and having to learn skills and theories on the spot to materialize that bigger, “art-student” vision. 


Ian denzer '16
Kealakehe High School '17
Yale University '21

I’ve always loved building, then taking apart and rebuilding things. From this I’ve gained a strong interest in both engineering and creating a universal background to uniquely solve problems. Even when I was younger, tinkering with lego kits I obsessed over creating my own unique designs, ignoring the kit included instructions as if they were never even there. You know? It’s a powerful concept, creating something unique, something useful, something people will enjoy, and by becoming a full stack developer and engineer, I know I can approach any problem recognizing I will always be able to at least partially solve it.