Our Schedule

Day 1

Arrival & Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Founders arrive on campus and drop their luggage off in the dorms. After a brief welcome and introductions by our staff, we spend the afternoon socializing through group activities and setting discussing cultural norms for camp. Before dinner, Founders will share the pitches they developed prior to camp as a first step toward determining the challenges and opportunities they'll address. To assist Founders in team formation, we'll provide guidelines and discuss the competencies and responsibilities of members of effective teams. Founders will then have the evening to network with the goal of establishing 4-person teams with revised elevator pitches by the next morning.

Day 2

Ideation, Prototyping & Team Dynamics

The first full day of camp establishes a daily routine that begins with Piko, leads into a morning workshop and then afternoon work time. Today we'll introduce our guest consultants who will choose to embed with the newly-formed teams following a brief pitch session. In addition to assisting their selected teams, these consultants will lead workshops to train essential skills and provide context through personal stories of their professional careers, beginning with an introduction to the Design Thinking ideation process through a brief lecture and exercises. In the afternoon, a second workshop will guide Founders through their first customer and/or community engagements to begin validating the products of their earlier product ideation.

Day 3

Minimum Viable Product

We'll explore how successful ventures devise and deploy the first versions of their products and services, emphasizing the need to establish an audience and validate key assumptions as quickly and cheaply as possible. In a series of guided sprints, teams will plan their formal Minimum Viable Products and produce branding materials to convey an authentic identity. In the evening, founders will have an opportunity to discuss early product milestones with a professional Product Manager and participate in autobiographical exercises to lead them to a renewed sense of self.

Day 4

Guiding The Product

Teams will be exposed to and practice the skills used in industry to guide a product from the MVP and other learning milestones through more elaborate iterations yielding revenue and growth. We'll provide an overview of the many ways to collect, interpret and integrate user feedback, covering Data Analytics topics such as growth metrics and split testing, as well as user research. Teams will plan and begin collection of user feedback to validate assumptions and move key metrics. Guest speakers will share perspectives the practice of Data Analytics in industry.

Day 5

The Voyage: Formal MVP Launch, Working Across Teams

Teams will spend the morning putting the finishing touches on their formal Minimum Viable Products, working aside counterparts on other teams and sharing out best practices. In the afternoon, to celebrate the launch of our MVPs, we'll head out to Kawaihae Harbor where we'll board a voyaging canoe to learn the methods of those who ventured into the unknown to discover and thrive in this place. Additional project worktime will be available in the evening upon our return.

Day 6

Build, Measure, Learn, and Repeat

Using the information gathered from their MVPs, on Day 6 teams will begin iterative deployment of revisions and updates, measuring their effects and planning new sprints. Project management methodologies will be introduced and practiced to assist Founders in the transition from learning milestones to growth. In the evening, a professional Project Manager will share perspectives how teams both small and large employ project management methodologies to keep pace with competitors and customer expectations.

Day 7

The Many Dimensions of Leadership

In today's morning workshop, Founders will participate in various exercises to develop critical leadership skills. Time blocks during which teams will receive feedback on their pitches from Venture Capital professionals will be available after lunch, followed by a guest speaker who will speak to special considerations for leaders in small, horizontal teams. Founders will be permitted to work later into the evening to prepare second iterations of their products and refine their pitch decks in advance of the presentations on Day 9.

Day 8

Pitch Perfect: Storytelling and Performance


Founders will focus on understanding and communicating the story of their products and teams in preparation for tomorrow's pitches and Product Showcase. Founders will reflect on their work and synthesize it into a cohesive narrative, deepening their understanding of the “why” that is driving their team and themselves. Guided practice and consulting on crafting narratives will be interspersed with both structured and unstructured presentation development and practice time. Breakout sessions on this day will prepare team representatives for pitching and drawing conclusions from incoming data.

Day 9

Startup Presentations & Professional Development

On our last full day of camp, teams will showcase their startup work and traction, giving a formal presentation to peers, mentors, business and community leaders in the form of a Venture Capital pitch. Following the pitch and showcase. In the evening the group will participate in a Strength Acknowledgement, recapping the personal growth and discovery that has occurred during camp.

Day 10

Reflections & Departure


Before founders depart they will be asked to reflect on what they have learned
through their individual and team experiences from the past nine days. Founders will process the camp
experience in groups and say their goodbyes before setting off on their next adventure.


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