Our 2017 Schedule

Day 1

Saturday, July 22

Arrival & Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Ground rules for the Hawai'i Prepatory Academy campus and dorms are discussed, students drop off their luggage, and the whole team spends the afternoon hiking up to the summit of Laelae. Upon returning, students move into their rooms and have a communal taco dinner on the lanai. In the evening, the group gathers in the common area of the dorm to review the scope of the camp, discuss the Entrepreneurial Mindset, decide upon cultural norms for the camp experience, and build personal profiles.

Key Events: 

  • Introductions, Ground Rules, Dorm Rules, Introduce Cultural Norms
  • Hike up Laelae
  • Introductions Part II
  • Fireside Discussion: The Entrepreneurial Mindset (Warren Doi)
  • Cultural Norm Setting
  • Build Personal Profiles
  • Schedule Preview, Open Work Time, Games & Relaxation

Day 2

Sunday, July 23

Leadership & Team Dynamics

Day 2 kicks off our first full day of camp with a strong emphasis on teamwork. Teams are assigned on Day 2 to explicitly focus on building team identity, cohesion, and leadership skills before being given their offer on Day 3. Guest speakers will provide context through personal stories of their professional careers and consult with students as they develop their team identity. Beginning in the HPA Energy Lab, students will receive a tour of the space and review rules for the building. Laptops, backpacks, and t-shirts will be distributed, and following some tech set-up time, the group will transition into prep for the guest speakers and team assignment. In the afternoon, teams will engage with the lean startup process by iteratively developing a food truck business, building a physical prototype along with a company identity and brand.

Key Events: 

  • Distribute Laptops, Context for a Speaker
  • Guest Speaker & Consultant: General Stanley J. Osserman
  • Team Assignment, Team & Personal Profile Building, Food Truck
  • Guest Speaker & Consultant: Eric Nakagawa
  • Lean Startup Process: Food Truck Prototyping
  • Food Truck Presentations
  • Zen Dudes Athletic Activity
  • Fireside Discussion: The Entrepreneurial Mindset Part II (Warren Doi and Eric Nakagawa)

Day 3

Monday, July 24

The Offer & Product Development

Coming into Day 3 with a sense of identity and cohesiveness, teams select their “offer” for the week through a bidding process. The offer could be a problem to solve, a product to design, or a service to develop. Each team’s goal is to dig into the details of their offer and by the end of the week have built a preliminary business model around it. Expectations for the final presentation and product showcase will be explained, and each team will discuss what success looks like for their offer. Our guest speaker will introduce the basics of marketing and branding, and consult with teams to help them dig into these aspects of their offer. Using scaffolded activities, teams will investigate the parameters & constraints of their offer, draft a preliminary product design and project plan, and present their work at the end of the day.

Key Events: 

  • Offer Selection Process, Guest Speaker Research
  • Offer Exploration - Define & Communicate, Team Consultation
  • Guest Speaker & Consultant: Michael Nieling (Skype)
  • Offer Exploration - Brand & Identity
  • Offer Exploration - Parameters & Constraints, Solution Space, Design
  • Market Validation
  • Offer Exploration - Project Plan, Defining Success, Profile Revisions
  • Offer Presentations
  • Zen Dudes Athletic Activity
  • Fireside Discussion: Unconference Topics for Student-Led/Student-Selected Dorm

Day 4

Tuesday, July 25

Market Validation

On Day 4, teams will test their understanding of their offer by interviewing potential users of the solution. Teams will identify and test their assumptions through structured engagement with users and stakeholders. Student will learn interview techniques, collaboratively draft questions, and conduct interviews. Based on the data collected, teams will evolve their solution and refine their project plan for the week, presenting their lessons learned at the end of the day.

Key Events: 

  • Update Profiles
  • Gratitude, Thank-You Notes, Debrief
  • Revisit Market Validation, Mission vs Vision
  • Identifying & Testing Assumptions, Interview Techniques, Interview Prep
  • Organize Interview Data, Create User Personas
  • Guest Speaker & Consultant: Deb Goodwin
  • Introduce Minimum Viable Product, Discuss Final Presentations
  • Tools & Resources Hunt, Presentation Prep
  • Present Data & Personas, MVP & Resources
  • Zen Dudes Athletic Activity
  • Fireside Discussion: Student-Led, Student-Selected

Day 5

Wednesday, July 26

Minimum Viable Product & Preliminary Pitch

Armed with a deeper understanding of their offer, on Day 5 teams will further develop their plan for the remaining days, centering it around the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). Guest speakers will work with students to develop their ability to present, listen, and give thoughtful feedback to their peers. In the afternoon, teams will pitch their offer, project plan, and MVP in a more structured presentation to their peers and instructors. Feedback and consultation on the product pitches will lead into a team process reflection where teammates will discuss how they can work together more efficiently. In the afternoon, students will decompress by watching a documentary and going on a field trip into town.

Key Events: 

  • MVP & Lean Startup Cycle, Presentation Framing
  • Business Law and Operations: Guest Speaker & Consultant Kai Lawrence
  • Leadership, Team Dynamics, and Listening: Guest Speaker & Consultant Sydney Wiecking
  • MVP & Project Plan Development, Presentation Prep
  • Preliminary Pitches, Feedback
  • Mele Murals Documentary
  • Field Trip to Kahilu Theater, Guest Speaker Kanoa Castro
  • Fireside Discussion: Student-Led, Student Selected Dorm

Day 6

Thursday, July 27

Build, Measure, Learn

On Day 6, teams will fully engage with the lean startup lifecycle, iteratively prototyping and designing towards their MVP. Instructors will shift into the role of consultants, assisting each team with the implementation of their project plan. Agile & Scrum project management methodologies will be introduced and used as a framework to help students structure their time. Interleaved with the team "sprints", students will be able to select a workshop on a topic of interest in the morning, and in the afternoon will work in mixed groups of "like-minded" peers. Guest speaker Christine Su will speak to the group about her experience in the startup world and her current role as CEO and Co-Founder at PastureMap, an agriculture technology company. Teams will present a progress update to the group at the end of the day.

Key Events: 

  • Project Management
  • Guest Speaker & Consultant: Auston Stewart
  • Team Standup, Sprint Planning
  • Meditation and Mindfulness: Guest Speaker & Consultant Kiyoshi Najita
  • Like-Minded Work Sessions & Best Practice Share-Out
  • Sprint 2
  • Guest Speaker & Consultant: Christine Su, Pasture Map
  • Team Retrospective, Review of Progress, Revisit Project Plan
  • Zen Dudes Athletic Activity
  • Fireside Discussion: Student-Led, Student Selected
  • Stargazing with Mary Beth Laychak

Day 7

Friday, July 28

Storytelling & Performance

As students are in the thick of product development, Day 7 will refocus them on understanding the story of their team as well as their own personal development. With guidance from guest consultant Kevin Rolston, students will learn to reflect on their work and synthesize it into a cohesive narrative, deepening their understanding of the “why” that is driving their team and themselves. Guided practice and consulting on crafting narratives will be balanced with product work time as teams continue to move towards their ultimate goals.

Key Events: 

  • Sprint 3 
  • Dynamic Language (Kevin Rolston)
  • Sprint 4
  • The 3 C's of the Pitch (Kevin Rolston)
  • Sprint 5
  • Individual Group Consultations with Kevin Rolston
  • Sprint 6
  • Zen Dudes Athletic Activity
  • Fireside Discussion: Student-Led, Student Selected

Day 8

Saturday, July 29

Final Development & Preparation


As the last day before final presentations, Day 8 will give teams large chunks of unstructured time to use as needed to meet their objectives, interspersed with structured presentation practice to develop venture capital pitches. Instructors and mentors will consult with each team to ensure that they have the support they need to develop their MVP and successfully present it the following day.

Key Events: 

  • Sprint 7
  • The VC Pitch Deep Dive (Kevin Rolston)
  • Individual to Team Pitch (Kevin Rolston)
  • Sprint 9
  • Presentation Prep, Consulting, Product Finalization, Portfolio Creation Energy Lab
  • Zen Dudes Athletic Activity
  • Fireside Discussion: Student-Led, Student Selected, Possible Work Time

Day 9

Sunday, July 30

Product Presentations & Professional Development

On the last full day of camp, teams will showcase their MVP designs & prototypes, giving a formal presentation to their peers and mentors in the style of a venture capital investment pitch. Following feedback and celebration of their work, the day will transition into an individual focus on professional development. Each student will build out a resume and Linkedin profile, learning the art of networking, and experience a mock interview. In the evening the group will reflect on their camp experience and discuss the importance of building an entrepreneurship community in Hawaii and beyond.

Key Events: 

  • Presentation Preparation
  • Pre-Show Warmup & Rituals (Kevin Rolston)
  • VC Presentations
  • Product Showcase Energy Lab
  • Leadership Presence (Kevin Rolston) 
  • Self-Authoring Part II (Kevin Rolston)
  • The Art of Networking: Resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, Cover Letters, Job Search
  • Zen Dudes Athletic Activity
  • Pancake Dinner & Celebration
  • Fireside Discussion: The Entrepreneurship Community
  • Feedback Survey, Thank-You Notes
  • Strength Acknowledgement
  • Star-Gazing/Bonfire

Day 10

Monday, July 31

Reflections & Departure


The final morning before students depart they will be asked to reflect on what they have learned
through their individual and team experiences from the past nine days. Students will process the camp
experience in groups and say their goodbyes before setting off on their next adventure.


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