Aloha!  Welcome to the website of Nalukai Academy’s Storycrafting Camp for College Applicants.  Nalukai is formally translated as ocean wave in the Hawaiian language, but it holds a connotation that implies the wisdom that comes from seafaring or the wisdom that comes from experience.   The Storycrafting Camp is one of two Nalukai Academy programs (the other is a tech startup camp for residents of Hawai’i) and was specifically created to offer an immersive experience for high school students who wish to develop personal narratives in preparation for the college application process against the backdrop of the majestic Big Island of Hawai’i.  In essence, we aim to provide an exhilarating experience that will help students develop confidence, perspective, and dare I say wisdom, in crafting their own personal narratives. Students will explore the inspiring natural and cultural resources of Hawai’i, immerse themselves in the rich cultural tradition of storytelling, reflect on their experiences both in the program and in their lives generally, write about these experiences compellingly, and have the chance to confer with and share their writing with experienced college counseling professionals and a cohort of motivated and inquisitive fellow students.  

I created the Storycrafting Camp because there are few things in the world I love as much as introducing people to Hawai’i, where I grew up, and helping young people confidently convey their distinctiveness in personal narratives.  I have spent much of my professional life over the last two and a half decades as a college counselor, English teacher, and administrator in schools on the west and east coasts.  This program brings together my experience and my passions.  

I hope you will consider joining me, the college counselors, writing instructors, cultural guides, and college-aged team leaders for ten days this summer.  We have worked hard to create a truly unique expeditionary-learning experience in one of the world’s most inspiring places; we aim to help you convey your uniqueness as you prepare for your future learning expeditions.  

A hui hou,




David K. Clarke

Executive Director

Nalukai Academy