HI School Hackers, Designers, Entrepreneurs -- This is for YOU!

Do you love coding, programming or gaming? Do you enjoy building and making stuff? Are you constantly tinkering and disassembling and re-assembling electronics or mechanical things? 

Do you pay close attention to how things look and feel and are used? Do you see how things could be made better? Do you fill up sketch books with drawings and ideas for things you wish would exist?

Do you have the ability to set events in motion based on your actions? Do you actively cause things you want to happen, rather than passively letting things happen to you? Do you believe you can do cool stuff, achieve your goals and succeed at whatever you set your mind on? 

Engineers in the making,
Designers of beautiful things,
Entrepreneurs at heart . . .  
This program is for YOU! 


Nalukai Academy Hacker Camp is a fast-paced summer program for Hawaiʻi’s next generation of young leaders, innovators, makers and doers. We empower high-opportunity high school students from across the islands to live their dreams and create positive impact through technology, design and entrepreneurship.  

Nalukai was founded by Hawai'i born & raised tech startup founder, Darius 'Bubs' Monsef. After high school, Bubs moved to the mainland and went on to build several internet companies and sell them for millions of dollars. He attended the prestigious Y Combinator accelerator program which has graduated companies like Reddit, Twitch.tv, Airbnb & Dropbox. He's since moved back home to give back to the community he grew up in and run tech startups from the islands.

Nalukai believes the internet is the most powerful tool in human history for making the world a more connected & better place, and for creating incredibly valuable companies all from a laptop by a couple founders. Our hacker camp isn't about compromising computer security systems, it's about 'hacking' problems by designing clever solutions ... the most successful internet companies came from business founders solving their own challenges in new & creative ways.

We believe the next Elon Musk or Mark Zuckerberg is eating spam musubi somewhere in the islands and we want to help them get the tools and mentorship to someday change the world. We hope it's you!



20 high school students from across Hawai'i will be chosen for the 1st class of Nalukai Academy, where you get the tools and skills to jumpstart a career as a future startup founder and entrepreneur, product designer or engineer. 

Students undertake a program of challenging online & project-based learning in:
Web / App Computer Programming
Product & User Experience Design
Rapid Prototyping
Lean Startups
Angel & Venture Capital Funding
Social Media & Viral Content Marketing
Creative Problem Solving
Business Models & the Importance of Social Impact


From June 20th to July 15th, we'll meet remotely online to work on tricky challenge sets and fun distance projects that put students in game mode for 10-days together at Summer Hacker Camp, July 18th-28th at Hawaii Preparatory Academy on the Big Island. 

June 20th to July 15th -- 10 hrs a week online (open hours format) 
July 18th to July 28th -- 24/7 at HPA on the Big Island 

Admitted students receive a new Macbook laptop, thousands of dollars in software and services along with all program materials, meals & housing paid entirely through scholarship. 

*THERE IS NO FEE to attend the Hacker Camp. The only cost to participate is in securing inter-island airfare for students not on the Big Island. We want to make sure every student has an opportunity to participate based on their desire to learn, passion, creativity and hustle to making things happen. But full ride doesn't mean free ride -- Students have to put in the effort and earn it!



March 31st 2016 -- Deadline to Submit Applications
April 15th, 2016 -- Shortlisted Students Notified
May 1st, 2016 -- Admitted students notified to get pumped and get ready! 
June 20th, 2016 -- Remote Classes Begin
July 18th to 28th, 2016 -- Big Island-bound; Nalukai Academy In Session 


Students have to live in Hawai’i and currently be in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade. 


Simply complete the following application and let your creativity & ambition shine ;) 

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