Three years later, my summer in Hawai’i is still one of my most formative experiences thus far in my life. Mr. David Clarke and the incredible team he has assembled to do the Storycrafting camp welcomed us into their lives and taught us the true meaning of aloha. These caring people taught us so much about living our own stories but also about listening and supporting those of others. Coming after a stressful year at a rigorous private school, my time in Hawai’i provided the space and mentorship I needed to rejuvenate, reflect, and grow. There are so many things to learn from Hawai’i’s rich history and culture that have been excluded from the traditional American curriculum. The view into this incredible place that I got from my time with Mr. Clarke and his team has changed the way I view myself and the world around me and challenged me to expand my thinking while simplifying my life. Upon leaving, we felt like we’d been given more than we could ever repay, but we realized that the best way to repay their incredible kindness and wisdom was to share those things with other people around us.
— Claudia F. , Williams College '18