Much more than a workshop for college essay writing, Nalukai Academy's Storycrafting Camp for College Applicants offers intensive experiences that help participants understand their own uniqueness, strengths, and challenges as they prepare for the exciting next chapter in their academic and personal journeys. Enhancing formal writing practice and team-building activities, participants will explore the culturally and environmentally rich setting of Hawai'i. Swimming with sea turtles, hiking into remote valleys, working in a traditional taro patch, and visiting Volcano National Park are some of the planned excursions. The cohort will experience some of the Big Island's most inspiring natural resources and customs with guides who exemplify the welcoming aloha spirit.  And so this is an exploration of self, culture, community, environment, story telling, and written expression.  Discovering their own distinctiveness through exploring Hawai'i's rich natural and cultural resources alongside other young scholars allows students to develop self-reflectiveness, team building skills, insights, and confidence that will serve them in the college application process and in college.