Are you a student ready to take your education from theory to practice? Do you care about Hawaiʻi communities, worry about the social and environmental problems we face, and want to creatively make a difference?

The Nalukai Academy + Purple Prize Innovation Fellowship prepares young people for leadership in social entrepreneurship and tech innovation in Hawaiʻi.

The fellowship is a four-month program aimed at exposing three fellows to the processes and skills needed for the creation of impactful, place-based tech startups. Fellows will learn through observation, active participation, and work assignments as they shadow the Purple Prize innovation competition and participate in the Nalukai Academy Summer Startup Camp. The fellowship is a fantastic way to extend your Nalukai Startup Camp 10 day experience to one that covers an entire year!

Fellows will…

  • Attend educational workshops and events that are part of the Purple Prize Building Phase (see calendar below)

  • Shadow early-stage startup teams who are prototyping, planning, interacting, and ideating for the Building Phase of the Purple Prize indigenous innovation competition

  • Assist with tasks assigned by startup teams and the Purple Prize team

  • Participate in a Nalukai Academy Summer Startup Camp Program in 2019

  • Document the experiences and insights from the Fellowship to produce a written or multimedia deliverable that shares their experience with community

Key Dates