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Welcome to the 2019 Nalukai Summer Startup Camp application! We appreciate your interest in applying to Nalukai and for giving us the chance to read about your ideas, your aspirations, your experiences, and that which makes you uniquely you. We pledge to read your application both thoroughly and thoughtfully. Please note that this form cannot save your work, so we recommend drafting your responses in a separate document before entering it here and submitting the application.


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For grant making organizations that support Nalukai, it is helpful to know if you identify as someone of Native Hawaiian descent.
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Use this section to showcase your work by linking to projects, websites, etc. Please note that we will not contact you to fix broken links. Check your links/sharing settings with friends or family before submitting! Suggested platforms for sharing work: Google Drive, Youtube, Imgur, Personal Website. Please copy URLs into the fields below. Each field takes only one URL, so if you have multiple use the last field.
Reference Form
Please ask a teacher, coach, or mentor who knows you well to fill out our reference form. Below, enter her or his name and school/employer. Please provide the following link/address to your reference and ask for the form to be submitted before the deadline of February 28, 2019. It is your responsibility to ensure that your reference form is received by the deadline. Applicants without a reference are usually disadvantaged in our competitive admission process. Please find the form link below:
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Name of Reference